Walmart – Ripe for Scams and Fraud

It has been quite a while since I last posted.  Not that there hasn’t been the idiocy or stupid people tricks all around – just a quick look at Donald Trump and where he is at the moment speaks volumes (when someone can make George W. Bush look somewhat reasonable, that’s something).  But I have grown somewhat tired of bitching about most of the crap going on around this country mostly because I’m not sure there is anything that can be done to fix things – sad that I’ve come to that point but there is little hope when we have Trump and Carson maintaining their leads in the Republican side of the presidential race.  But I digress.

I was greeted today with an email from my credit card company regarding potentially fraudulent activity on my card.  Given the holidays, I’ve been using my card quite a bit but when I went thru my recent transactions, there were twenty-one separate $50 transactions on my account – all the same day and all at what appears to be the same Walmart.  My obvious guess is that someone purchased gift cards – 21 at the same time for a total of over $1000.  Okay, maybe one could say they have a large family and are never sure of what everyone needs so gift cards work.  But in any case, how does a company see that type of transaction and not verify identity?  I won’t go down the path of who takes checkout jobs at Walmart but any retail corporation worth anything and with any integrity, ensures that processes are in place and are followed in order to protect consumers.

Should I be surprised – not given Walmart’s track record with how they do business and how they treat their employees but just the same I’m pretty pissed.  Not because I have any financial exposure but at the end of the day we again have a situation where the scammers and cheats get away with the easy path.

To be honest, I stopped visiting Walmart years ago so this won’t change my shopping habits but I thought it might work well if I informed anyone looking for a place to run a scam or to make fraudulent transactions that they should first consider their local Walmart. Might as well go where the low hanging fruit is.