Donnie “Fatboy” Trump – Surprised?

It would appear it is time to come back to my blog and re-visit many of the same topics I’ve visited in the past.  Interesting how many blog posts I made regarding our idiot president.  The sad thing is how predictable the current situation really should have been – I would offer anyone reading to take a trip back thru my posts – I would like to repeat some of the points I’ve made previously but there are far too many that are relevant.

Recognizing I have often managed to get a bit long-winded, this time around I’m intending to be bit more terse and to the point – don’t think any of us has much time to waste given the debacle underway.

To my blog title – should we be surprised when we look at Trump and his WH staff – not really.  I have to think that some of this is the result of what happened when we decided it was time to take the special education students and mainstream them into regular classrooms.  Made everyone think they were the same and could do the same – I’m betting that Kushner was the AV guy.

And speaking of Steve Bannon – pretty amazing there could be someone working in the WH who makes Cheney look reasonable….

I will take the time to re-publish a few past nuggets of info –