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On the hunt...

Welcome to my new blog!  It has been a few years since my last attempt at sharing my rants with the world and much has changed – not necessarily my lack of patience with others or my core beliefs as to how the world around me works but there does seem to be a different tone out there mostly in consideration of how we all live together.  As I think thru how to best approach my objectives here (still tuning those), I expect that I will eventually put some order to my blog so there is some consistency and process.  There are those who would laugh at that given my demonstrated lack of planning in most things but, despite that, there is routine that, once planned, provides me some semblance of calming influence.

We’ll need to see where that goes.  In any case, I hope I can give some insight into me, what is important to me, what isn’t, what makes me happy and what doesn’t.  I am also going to attempt to be a bit more “gentle” in my words as I attempt to move from what has been a more base and crude use of language and image to convey my feelings.  How successful that will be remains to be seen.

My other challenge is determining how much “personal” actually gets shared – I’ve been rather successful a view that more attention in this world is not necessarily a good thing.  Low key and under the radar has been a philosphy that has served me well – both professionally and personally.  That being said, there are definitely things on the personal side that have been the hallmarks of my life and are those things of which I am most proud – should I share that or not?

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