Some things never change…

Not that I should be surprised but I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that kind of ties into my view of why we have some of the problems we do as a country. The fact that it was plastered on the trunk (yes, the painted part) gives some rise to the intelligence of the individual who owned the car. That the car was somewhere along the lines of a well worn Chevy Lumina or Pontiac Gran Am (a nice way to say it was a POS) probably shouldn’t enter into the conversation but it does in any case. The sticker actually had a picture of that 2nd Bush with that stupid looking grin with a thumbs-up with the caption “Guess you are missing me now!”.

Not really, but the fact that there are the number of people out there that don’t tie this long lasting recession and economic disaster to that administration is pretty much amazing. I’ll also make a guess that the driver of that car was not working on Wall Street – even more astonishing that there is a portion of the middle class – the ones that Bush really screwed – still think he was a good guy and better than the black guy in the White House at this time. To be honest, these are the Santorum supporters – hard to believe one can actually get their head that far up their ass.

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