Mitt as a Leader – not

I’m actually not surprised at the Romney camp (whether they own up to it or not) reaching back into the Republican bag of tricks and resurrecting Reverend Wright as one means to further divide the voters – just in case anyone on the fence who forgot about the rhetoric of an old and out of touch black preacher.  Those voters need reminding of how anti-white Obama really is.  However, I do find it a bit much Arizona’s secretary of state, Ken Bennett, announced last week he had asked officials in Hawaii to verify that Barack Obama was born in their state in order for the president’s name to appear on the November ballot in Arizona.  While we can dismiss (to some extent) Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into whether Obama’s birth certificate was real or not since he is 79 years old, lives in Arizona (obviously a state of great thinkers) and has probably taken a few knocks to the head in administering his brand of justice, Bennett is a different story.  As Romney’s campaign co-chairman in Arizona, he has obviously taken a stupid pill even if he gets most to believe he doesn’t really believe Obama wasn’t born in the US and that he made the request on behalf of a constituent.  Is it politically motivated?  Without a doubt.  But the larger issue here is the response (or lack there of) of the Republican leadership, more importantly Mitt.  The lack of any outright repudiation of this action of Bennet’s by Romney again demonstrates his lack of thinking on his own instead chosing to pander to the obvious small but vocal coalition of crazies – aka the Tea Party.  No balls, no independent thinking, no sense of what is right but a honed skill at playing  to the latest or loudest – definitely qualities we want in a President.   We already have weak and ineffective Republican leadership (Boehner) who can’t seem to stand up to the small but loud members of the Tea Party – adding a President that lacks the same backbone will lead us down this path to the past even quicker.  Can you say “Recession 2013”?

The “Master” at re-invention

As for Sheriff Joe – I’d suggest he spend some time investigating those people who continue to hold true that there was a Holocaust, the US did land on the moon and that Elvis is dead.  Hopefully, the fact that U.S. Justice Department are planning to sue Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office over allegations of civil rights violations, including the racial profiling of Latinos, won’t get in the way.

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