Fact from Fiction: It takes a Little Work

Black Hole ‘Bonanza’: Millions Found by NASA Space Telescope

When I saw this headline pop up across the TV screen this afternoon, I had to wonder if NASA has mistakenly focused the WISE telescope on Tampa. 

Sorry, can’t help it as that is how my mind works.  I can’t help but reach out to find ways to somehow ridicule the current crop of Republican politicians and supporters as it becomes more and more distressing to listen to or read their messaging and their platform.   I expect I will continue to bring that same perspective as the election comes closer but I also think it is important to recognize that the rhetoric we hear, whether Republican or Democratic, will be slanted and skewed to manipulate and push American minds and emotions in one direction or the other.   I know I am biased in what I believe but in reviewing parts of the speeches from the RNC last night (I find watching and listening to any political convention difficult – Republican or Democratic) but I was somewhat astounded at the simplicity and lack of “realness” in anything I heard.  Anyone who was turned to think the Republicans have the answers based on Santorum, Christie or Ann Romney is woefully shallow.  For me, I was quite unimpressed and was actually somewhat offended to think that they thought their case for change and support of Mitt would pass muster.  My biggest concern remains, as always, that most people in the US will do little to dig further into the “facts” stated last night and those that will be stated by each party going forward.  I have tried (between my rants and attacks on many) to offer some data and information on some of the issues I see as critical to us as a country.  I don’t really care to change people’s beliefs or how they live their lives – I just don’t want people elected based on false information and slanted statistics.  Yes, we all listen more intently to information that matches our beliefs but I think we have an obligation as citizens to try to make informed decisions, as hard as that may be.  It takes time and it takes wading thru a great deal of data, trying to separate fact from fiction.  I started to go thru some of the “facts” stated last night with an intent to put some real information in my blog that I would hope would give some balance to anyone reading.  I quickly realized there was just too much to effectively cover and I expect it won’t get much less intense.  What I would suggest is that as the political rhetoric and facts continue to get spun, people should take the time to stop in on several websites that try to fact check and do the detailed analysis necessary to separate out fact from fiction.  And again, that goes for anything that either side states, not just the Republicans.   Just a suggestion, but take a look at these websites that can shed some real light on what has been done, what has been accomplished and what is really real.  I don’t think any one is specifically better than the other but they all offer interesting and detailed information that should take you closer to the truth.  I expect, like anything, there are some leanings to the left and to the right and there is no site that will be always in the middle but by looking across multiple sites proclaiming to stay objective, there should be obvious threads of reality. 


I also want to give credit to another WordPress blog that got me thinking more about checking our facts: http://sarahjanelives.com/2012/08/28/you-cant-fact-check-what-aint-a-fact-well-you-can-but-try-get-anyone-to-listen/

There is one additional recent event from the RNC I do need to share.  While it doesn’t mean that all Republicans or RNC attendees feel the same way, I am amazed that in 2012, there are people this stupid – not surprised they believe it but surprised they would be that obvious.  I do believe it represents a level of the bias, anger, hate and intolerance I see as core to the current Republican party.  Talk about animals!

From CNN.com