Come on Women – what does it take?

Maybe I stay incredulous given the two most important women in my life, my wife and daughter, are fiercely independent, capable and outspoken but I just don’t understand how there are still women that don’t really care they are being treated as second class citizens.  One has to wonder what it takes to have the women of this country that remain supporting Mitt Romney to realize that the Republican Party doesn’t really care about women at all and at the core of their stance about where women should be looks more like 1950 than the 21st century.  This latest salvo of anti-abortion and pro-god spewing crap by Richard Mourdock, which by itself should have women trembling in anger and disgust, joins a longer line of similar sentiment we have heard for throughout the presidential campaign by a variety of Republican office seekers.  This one is even better given a new Mitt ad that began running this week showing his strong support of this halfwit.  Now we hear Mourdock’s defense that what he said was just misinterpreted – really – another incidence of more of the perspective that we all just mis-interpreted what his said.  Seems to be a run on that in the Republican circles.  Yes, Mitt will distance himself in some form or another but will he show the leadership and integrity to make this an issue where he actually takes a stand – I wouldn’t bet on it.