Take Action: Petition to remove Westboro Baptist Church from Tax-Exempt Status

Credit: cheezburger.com

Credit: cheezburger.com

While it is the right of any organization to stand up and show the world how degenerate and despicable they are, as the group Anonymous takes their action against the Westboro Baptist Church, we ordinary citizens can also step up and make our voices heard.  There is now an open petition to have the Westboro Baptist Church recognized as a hate group and to have them removed from their designation as a tax-exempt organization.  I, for one, would prefer that my tax dollars (indirectly or not) are not somehow supporting an organization so heinous the people running it should be sub-human.

An action which you could consider is to not only sign the petition yourself but to also spread the word on the petition that has been started to attempt to get the religious designation the Westboro Baptist Church has that keeps it from paying any taxes.  The current petition of the White House has more than 175,000 signatures, and asks the government to “legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.”  Whether this will ultimately result in a decision to remove the church from its tax-exempt status is far from a given, this is one small step we can take to make it clear we really see what this organization is about.

The petition is located at:


The White House petition reads:

“[Westboro’s] actions have been directed at many groups, including homosexuals, military, Jewish people and even other Christians. They pose a threat to the welfare and treatment of others and will not improve without some form of imposed regulation.”