Time to buy some Oreos

As a followup to my last blog it makes sense to continue to recognize the companies that take a stance in this critical area of diversity.  While I believe it is increasingly important to not spend time and money on those anachronistic and medievil thinking companies, it is probably even more important to frequent and support those companies who take the risky stand of supporting the LGBT community.

For today, it is really all about Kraft Foods –

Image credit: facebook.com/oreo


While I have always loved Oreos, this has been one treat that hasn’t played well in trying to keep the pounds in control – my issue being if one or two are good, then 9 or 10 are even better.  When I make the choice of where I spend my calories, I’ll have to admit it usually goes to ice cream and jujyfruits.  In staying true to my commitment to support those companies who support this cause, I’ll buy a package of oreos (one of the smaller ones given my lack of control) and have a few with a glass of milk.


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